We bring the best of Britain to you with exclusive products that you can't find anywhere else!

We are a family business that has been importing British products for over 30 years. We have something for everyone, from Scottish clan tartans to British food and candy. We travel the extra mile to bring the best to your doorstep!

Looking for a taste of Scotland
and England to bring home?


Enjoy the authentic taste and feel of Scotland and England with us. We source products from British artisans every year to bring you unique items, that can't be found anywhere else! From tartans, scarves & drinkware to candy, biscuits, chocolates, DVD's, and all kinds of amazing gifts - we’ve got it all here!

The best British and Scottish candies and
gifts evoke a feeling of nostalgia.


They take you back to the good old times and make you feel like a kid again. They're crafted with genuine
love making each recipient feel like they've been transported into a little piece of Scotland or England with
all of their favorite treats. But how do you choose the right ones?

Download our guide to learn more about how to buy Scottish Products online.

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Get that authentic experience no matter where in the world you are with us! Fill your kitchen cupboards with some classic treats while exploring hundreds of unique gifts- everything from tartan scarfs to whisky glasses will help make those faraway places feel just like home again!

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Retail Store Niagara on the Lake

  • Great place to get British chocolates and other food. They also have a great selection of Scottish themed gifts. It’s a bit pricey for some items, but good for some treats occasionally.
    Bronwyn Geddes
  • Best place in Niagara for Brown Betty's. We have bought or ordered many from there for gifts or personal use. I always pick up a box of tea from Tesco or Marks too bc I think it's a nicer brew.
    Lynn St Laurent
  • Visited during the pandemic - a little tight inside - but they have done their best to ensure safety. The owner even was mentioning, which I guess few people know..
    Joseph Alexander Brown
  • JFilled with love and passion for heritage and the Niagara region. The owner was very helpful, and clearly coming from a place of genuinely adoring history and natural beauty.
    M K
  • Owners go back to Scotland and England every year and bring back great new products each time! British candy and chocolate, soccer team shirts, Harry Potter..
    Toby Hill

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