British & Scottish Store in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario selling everything from British sweets and chocolates to Scottish gifts

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    Owners go back to Scotland and England every year and bring back great new products each time! British candy and chocolate, soccer team shirts, Harry Potter and lots more. Great gift ideas.

    Toby Hill
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    Just love this little shop. Brings back memories of England.. Scottish tartans. Clothing.. English trinkets,and candy.. and cookies..

    Kim Franken
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    Visited during the pandemic - a little tight inside - but they have done their best to ensure safety. The owner even was mentioning, which I guess few people know, that he will do free local deliveries. Which is a huge bonus and nice to shop local.

    Joseph Alexander Brown
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    Great place to get British chocolates and other food. They also have a great selection of Scottish themed gifts. It’s a bit pricey for some items, but good for some treats occasionally.

    Bronwyn Geddes
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    Best place in Niagara for Brown Betty's. We have bought or ordered many from there for gifts or personal use. I always pick up a box of tea from Tesco or Marks too bc I think it's a nicer brew.

    Lynn St Laurent
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    Been here twice and always had a great experience with attentive and friendly service and such a wide variety of selection. They also have the rare Battenberg Cake that was alas not available in the summer but it IS a Christmas treat after all, and I hope to get some delivered from there to Toronto come November.

    David Silverberg
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    I love the Scottish loft, the friendliest folks run the place and are always so helpful.

    I can’t attest to the other clans but there’s plenty of Mackenzie items! They do a lot of the buying over in Scotland and I love the level of care they have for the products they bring in. They make some lovely items too, if you’re a scot or a scot at heart you should pop in for a look.

    Kathryn Parsons
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    Lots of cute gifts here, I got a ring and a small purse.

    Jazzy R
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    Filled with love and passion for heritage and the Niagara region. The owner was very helpful, and clearly coming from a place of genuinely adoring history and natural beauty. Often I find that the retail stores in downtown cores can be really shallow and superficial, but that isn't the case here. They enjoyed sharing insights to the city and catering advice specifically to our visit goals. I'll definitely be back to pick up some snacks and kind words.

    M K
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    Love this place ! Lots of Scottish and English treats and pantry items .

    Upstairs clothing Kilts and t-shirts etc. Jewellery and other great items.

    Well worth a visit 👌

    K. Miller